Terminator 16-Bit Pixel Art
Wayne dalton wd terminator 32c 2019 anim

32 Indexed colors 400 X 450

Wayne dalton wdterminator32c2019animxl

Double sized

Wayne dalton terminator as main 2019

32 indexed colors 400 x 500

Wayne dalton terminator as main 2019x2

Double sized

Terminator 16-Bit Pixel Art

HIT link to see original uncompressed Art http://pixeljoint.com/pixelart/127043.htm
After the RoboCop piece I got encouraged by my Wife to do another.
Back in the days of 16-Bit gaming I always wanted to re-create a bit of Terminator Art but never got around to it.
Colors 32, Size 500 x 500, 4 days to complete.

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